The prospect and notion of grandparenting time has become a hot-topic in the realm of family law in recent years. What rights do grandparents have to time with their grandchildren? Well, in Michigan, it really depends. In certain situations (i.e. a pending or entered divorce, the death of a parent/child and/or parents who are married and do not live together), then grandparents have more defined rights. If there is merely a dispute between parent and grandparent, grandparents have a major up-hill battle to climb. For more information on this or any other family law/divorce topic, please contact us.

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Emmer Law PLC was featured in Downtown News Magazine in Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills, Michigan in its September 2021 issue. Emmer Law PLC and Max S. Emmer strive to provide clients with thoughtful, reasonable and efficient representation and counsel throughout Southeastern Michigan. Moreover, Max S. Emmer believes in educating both clients and the community in the many different options and opportunities available family law and divorce. If you have any questions, or, wish to schedule a consultation with Max, please contact us today.